Camille Albane has understood that women want to be and appear how they feel, and that they are looking for a certain je ne sais quoi that will make them irresistible. The brand resonates with active, connected urban women who want to feel closely in touch with, and confident in, their brand and their stylist.

CREATOR Jeanne Dereux has placed her Paris Left Bank mark on the brand, which is characterized by boldness, energy, modernity and friendliness.
She constantly wants to express and reveal the beauty of all women through hair, color, and makeup.

THE BRAND focuses on our collective intelligence, with extensive interaction between salons and clients. It is positioned at the upper end of the salon market, with a unique concept that is present in its tagline: style-color-makeup.

The brand’s IDENTITY, positioning, and image target active city women between 25 and 45 years old, who are connected more than ever to social networks. These are expressive women who demand quality.

CAMILLE ALBANE IS ALSO hair and makeup products that convey the brand’s identity and the “style-color-makeup” concept. These products are used by salon staff and are available to clients for purchase.